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there's so many things I want to tell you, actually
i think we will just going fine all the time
but, these time i think we aren't
i feel so lucky to have someone like you
but at the same time i feel so guilty
im sorry.
i can't express that feeling.
you are not a kind of person that taking things seriously
but if i'm keep going...
ah, i'm such a fool
and cruel, too.
when you told me that i'm an overthinker, i realized i have to stop
but, yes, i can't stop

looking back at these time,
when we are still lean on each other
feeling happy when there's you with me
nothing is better if we are together
when we have hard times
we cheering at each other
i know i'm sounds too greedy
but i miss that

i'm sobbing (you definitely don't know about this, right?) because you make me hurt. a lot. everything you do is too painful to face. why you don't do what you should do? everybody asked you to. is it the real game-rule? or you just can't obey that rule? what if you actually WRONG?

it take me long time to think. about that. and about our future. you told me we can pass this together. but do you keep your promise? you make us lost our way. i don't 100% blame you. maybe i am wrong.

sorry for being a burdensome person
i hope you are not having this thoughts like me

if i can turn back the time
will we still going fine like we used to be?

whenever, wherever,
i hope we can stay together.
let me be your spring to smile.

11:34, january 5 2017 
daydream in the midst of the night.

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